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‘Nagold by Hafele’ is the first of its kind built-in home appliances brand that is remarkably International by design and functionality, yet distinctively Indian by features and functions which specifically cater to the unique requirements of this country. Are you looking for new appliances for your kitchen? Discover every detail of our various kitchen appliances. To request for your brochure, contact us now!

Small Appliances

The new KLARA Hafele Kitchen Machine, brings you the most advanced design and functionality that will make your regular cooking task a breeze.

The high speed professional blender is the perfect partner for a power punched blending required to puree hard fruits and vegetables like coconut, apples, apricots etc, thanks to the titanium coated blades that are tough and long lasting!

The Glamline kitchen mixer makes your day to day cooking preparation like kneading, whisking and mixing easy. This mixer comes in vibrant colors to accentuate your kitchen countertop appliances.

The Analog range of Kettles comes with a high capacity to heat water and is equipped with removable limescale filters for easy cleaning. The Stainless Steel body, inner water level markings, non-drip spout and sleek handle make the kettles extremely easy to use and durable.

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MultiZone is a convertible compartment that can be utilized either as a fridge or a freezer. The flexible temperature range of -24/+4 ºC helps you keep different foods and beverages at an ideal temperature. The ice and water dispenser automatically dispenses chilled filtered water, ice cubes or crushed ice from the tap.

The Azzano Built in collection of refrigerators by Nagold offers a host of unique and premium features for daily refrigeration requirements. Backed by a strong value proposition, the Azzano range blends with your contemporary kitchen design. The futuristic cooling technology with precision temperature control ensures the food stored inside the refrigerators stays fresh for longer time keeping intact the essential nutrition of the food

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Code : #HF01


J-series by Nagold introduces you to a unique design in built-in hobs that is extremely suitable for Indian cooking patterns. The Ivory range of hobs defines coherence and brightness. It simply fits in and synchronizes with any theme and decor of your kitchen.The Nagold latest range of built-in gas hobs that are easy to operate and meet all your cooking requirements with unmatched functionality!

Latest full brass direct flame Corona series hobs are powerful. The fully Brass crowned lid design, enhances safety, and Ignition pin with brass jacket. The latest design of cast iron pan support complements the burners. New and improved knob design for easy flame control. Long edged beveled glass with matt beveling for a flushed aesthetics.

Cooker Hood

Nagold presents you the range of wall mounted hood that substantially reduce noise levels in its iconic models. These cooker hoods are fashioned with contemporary minimalistic designs coupled with the exclusive features that enhances the elegance the kitchen. The unique filter free extraction hood is exclusive from Nagold that is effective on extracting airborne grease.

Choose the Right Suction Power for your Kitchen

Enhancing Elegance with a Stylish Design and Quality

A Revolutionary Filter Free Cooker Hood. The unique filter free extraction hood